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she/her, LGBTQ atheist ENFP ♉︎ (5/11) disabled + neurodivergent ★ artist + editor
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.+ BYF.
1)I use vulgar language/make kms/kms jokes 2)I have rly bad memory, plz be patient 3)add TWs when mentioning suicide, selfharm, gore, + hospitals
.- DNI.
1)Basic DNI criteria 2)13 or under 3)pro/comshippers 4)pro-lifers 5)very religious and/or political 6)support the use of or use AI 7) Taylor Swift fans (swifties)

.CHARACTERS I LOVE.Kaeya Alberich, Wriothesley, Zhongli, Heizou, Cyno, Light Yagami, L, Denji, Power, Aki, Angel Devil, Himeno, Kyle Broflovski, Randy Marsh, Angel Dust, Elaine Benes, Saul Goodman

.LITERALLY ME CHARACTERS.Misa Amane, Denji, Asa Mitaka, Hu Tao, Sucrose, Gorou, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kaveh, Pinkie Pie

.I LIKE <3.
Editing, baking, Chainsaw Man, Death Note, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hazbin Hotel, Seinfeld, Better Call Saul, Sanrio, Monster Energy Drinks, scenecore shit, Minecraft, Genshin Impact, Panic! At The Disco, TV Girl
.I HATE </3.
Diluc, losing my Genshin 50/50s , lawn mowers, spiders, sparkling water, sports, country music, Twitter, insects